Java News from Friday, January 16, 2004

Sun Microsystems has posted its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2003 (the second quarter of their fiscal year). Once again, Sun was in the red for the quarter. They lost $125 million, 4 cents a share. However, this isn't nearly as bad as the $2.28 billion loss for the same quarter in 2002, or the $286 million for the previous quarter. Revenue for the quarter was $2.88 billion, down from $2.91 billion a year earlier.

The Zaval Creative Engineering Group has released the Zaval JRC Editor 2.0, a GUI tool for editing Java reosurce files commonly used for localisation. It's published under the GPL.

"Wiz" has released DateChooser 1.2.4, an open source (GPL) widget for selecting a date from a calendar interface.