Java News from Friday, January 30, 2004

The Apache Project has posted the first beta of Ant 1.6.1, the popular open source build tool. Version 1.6.1 fixes bugs in namespace handling, and adds support for compiling with Java 1.5. It will probably be published under the new GPL compatible Apache 2.0 license, though the final decision on that remains to be made.

IBM's alphaWorks has released Debug Tracer, an XML-based scripting tool for debugging, tracing, and monitoring Java programs based on the Java Platform Debugger Architecture. The notable feature of this debugger is that it's based around reusable scripts, rather than human controlled single stepping.

R. Rawson-Tetley has posted SwingWT 0.78.1, an open source, "100% pure Java library which very closely resembles the interface of Swing. The difference is that instead of using the Swing library, it drives native peer widgets from SWT" (the Eclipse GUI toolkit). With this library, Java/Swing applications can be compiled natively under Linux using gcj. It also allows Swing apps to use native widgets. This version fixes a bug. SwingWT is dual licensed under the Common Public License and the LGPL.