Java News from Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Gnu Project has released version 0.10 of GNU Classpath, an incomplete free implementation of the core Java class libraries. This release fills in numerous holes in support across the core libraries. GNU Classpath is published under the LGPL.

Gaudenz Alder has released JGraph 5.0, a free-as-in-speech graph component for Swing that requires Java 1.4 or later. JGraph is accompanied by Graphpad, an open-source diagram editor for Swing that offers Automatic Layout, Printing, Zoom, and much more. It is available in English, German and French. Version 5.0 fixes bugs and changes the license from LGPL to GPL.

Alder has also released JGraphAppkit 1.0 a free (GPL) "action framework for JFC/Swing. With the appkit, you can create menus and toolbars that are defined in XML files. A registry is used to map from the XML files to Java classes, and a factory creates the respective UI components. In contrast to other action frameworks and XML-based description languages for Swing, the JGraphAppkit is a specialized solution for creating menus and toolbars, and uses the XML parser that ships with Java, resulting in a very small binary. Appkit is not an abbreviation for 'application kit': it can also be used in applets. Despite its name, JGraphAppkit does not depend on the JGraph Swing component. It is a standalone package."