Java News from Saturday, July 24, 2004

Andrei Kouznetsov has released UnifiedIO 1.3.2, an open source (BSD license) class library that "allows random access to any data or stream (even over HTTP), and gives a clear difference between read only and read/write access." This is a bug fixx release.

Tanuki Software has released Java Service Wrapper 3.1.1, an open source tool that enables Java applications to be installed and controlled like native NT or Unix services. It can even automatically restart crashed or frozen JVMs. Version 3.1..1 is a major bug fix release.

Stefan Reich has posted beta 7 of SuperVersion 1.0, a single user version control system suitable for small projects, as opposed to multiuser, server-based systems like CVS and subversion.

J-domain has released Code Printer 1.0, "a tiny utility to print out source code or other text files. Its main intent is to provide you with print-outs for your code reviews and to save some paper by fitting two code pages onto one sheet of paper. CodePrinter is written in Java and makes use of the Java Printing API." Code Printer is published under the GPL. An Eclipse plug-in is available.

ej-technologies has released Install4j 3.0, a $698 payware cross platform tool for building native installers and application launchers for Java applications. New features in 3.0 include user variables, installation components, configurable file associations, custom tasks, a reboot option on Windows, sub-folders in the Windows program group menu, improved custom script entry, a wizard for creating JRE bundles, an HTML Project report, configurable access rights for directories on Unix, and unattended installations.

Enterprise Distributed Technologies has released edtFTPj 1.4.2, a free (LGPL) FTP library for Java. A $1500 payware version adds support for FTP over SSL.

Michael B. Allen has posted jCIFS 0.9.6, a free (LGPL) SMB client library written in pure Java. It supports Unicode, named pipes, batching, multiplexing I/O of threaded callers, encrypted authentication, full transactions, domain/workgroup/host/share/file enumeration, NetBIOS sockets and name services, the smb:// URL protocol handler, RAP calls, and more. The API is similar to Version 0.9.6 fixes a few bugs.

Websina has released BugZero 3.7, a $999 payware Web-based bug tracking system that supports multiple projects, group-based access, automatic bug assignment, file attachment, email notification, and metric reports. Bug Zero is written in Java and can run on top of various backend databases including MySQL. 3.7 makes various small improvements here and there.

IBM's alphaWorks has released version 1.2.2 of the IBM Toolkit for MPEG-4, a Java class library for working with MPEG-4 video and audio. Version 1.2.2 adds support for the MPEG-4 XMT-O system and custom test content control in XmtBatch converter; improves hinting for RTSP streaming, can import and playback media tracks from more file types including 3gp, and makes various minor bug fixes and speed-ups.