Java News from Sunday, June 13, 2004

Release early and release often. Even if Sun can't decide whether it's open sourcing Java or not, it's at least learning a few tricks from the open source community. They have begun posting nightly builds of Java 1.5, a.k.a Tiger (not to be confused with the next version of Mac OS X).

Speaking of release early and release often, expect a second alpha of XOM later this week. I've fixed a couple of bugs in various corners of the implementation, and will be posting alpha 2 just as soon as I get confirmation from the original reporters that my changes fix the bugs.

The Apache Jakarta Project has posted the first release candidate of Commons Collections 3.1, an open source library that extends and augments the Java Collections Framework. It includes:

Version 3.1 is mostly backwards compatible with 3.0. It adds a number of new classes including TreeList, MultiKeyMap, SingletonMap, ObjectGraphIterator, MapBackedSet, ReferenceIdentityMap, AbstractReferenceMap, EmptyIterator, TransformedPredicate, PredicateDecorator, and AbstractSerializableDecorator. A number of other classes are now Serializable, and various methods have been added to existing classes. And of course bugs have been fixed.