Java News from Saturday, June 5, 2004

Siemens AG has submitted Java Specification Request 246 (JSR-246), Enabling J2ME applications to access device management implementations. to the Java Community Process (JCP). According to the JSR,

This JSR will be an optional package for the J2ME configurations CLDC and CDC. It should provide a generic interface to the Device Management implementation in the device, to enable device management via natively implemented Device Management protocols.

The API will provide the possibility for Java applications to access parameters that can be managed remotely using the Device Management protocols. It enables the use of the underlying device management implementation. It also provides mechanisms to control additional functionality in the framework, such as triggering management sessions, notifications on changes etc.

The API's focus is on the widely available Device Management protocols SyncML/OMA DM and WAP OTAP. The API should also seamlessly integrate with management framework implementations in this area (e.g. OSGi/MEG).

The API should be a high level API, that provides a common set of management commands, that are available in all management protocols.

Comments are due by June 14.

Sun's Tim Lindholm has uploaded the second proposed final draft specification for JSR 133, Java Memory Model and Thread Specification Revision. According to the draft, this spec "is intended to replace Chapter 17 of the Java Language Specification and Chapter 8 of the Java Virtual Machine Specification." I'm not particularly well-versed in the intimate details of Java's threading and memory models, so it's not immediately obvious to me what's changed here. Read it for yourself if you're curious. William Pugh has posted a large collection of background information that went into this spec on his web site.

Slava Pestov has uploaded the 14th pre-release of jEdit 4.2, an open source programmer's editor written in Java with extensive plug-in support and my preferred text editor on Windows and Unix. This release fixes various bugs.