Java News from Wednesday, June 9, 2004

JBoss Inc. has released JBoss 3.2.4, an open source Enterprise JavaBeans application server implemented in pure Java. This release fixes bugs and adds an option to run TomCat 5.1.6 instead of TomCat 4.x (which is still the default.) JBoss provides JBossServer, the basic EJB container and JMX infrastructure, JBossMQ for JMS messaging, JBossMail for mail, JBossTX for JTA/JTS transactions, JBossSX for JAAS based security, JBossCX for JCA connectivity, and JBossCMP for CMP persistence. It integrates with Tomcat Servlet/JSP container and Jetty Web server/servlet container, and enables you to mix and match these components through JMX by replacing any component you wish with a JMX-compliant implementation for the same APIs. Version 3.2.4 now works with the second beta of JDK 1.5, makes various performance improvements, and fixes some bugs. Java 1.3 or later is required.

The Apache Jakarta Commons Team has released Commons DBCP 1.2, a library that provides database connection pooling services. Changes since 1.1 mostly focus on performance and bug fixes.

In related news the Commons team has also released version of 1.2 of the more generic Jakarta Commons Pool component. "This maintenance release is needed for DBCP v1.2."