Java News from Friday, March 12, 2004

In a fit of deliberate insanity, I've begin replacing the operating system on (switching from Red Hat to Debian) less than 48 hours before I'm scheduled to leave for Software Development West. (and, and a few other minor sites) will be down for somewhere between two hours and two weeks. Cafe au Lait and Cafe con Leche will continue without interruption.

I'd heard that the Debian install process had improved since the last time I used it, and that may be so. I'm still installing. The last time I tried Debian, I gave up. However, it's clear this hasn't gone thorugh enough user testing. I've noticed numerous problems throughout the process. So far:

I suspect more surprises await me.

The Olympum Group has posted the Caffeine.NET 0.1, a free "interoperability solution between the Java platform and the .NET framework, with special emphasis to the enterprise variants of such platforms." Caffeine transfers APIs between .NET and Java and can run code written for one platform on the other platform . Caffeine is based on Mono.

The Inline Project has released Inline::Java 0.47, an open source Perl module that lets you write Perl classes in Java as well as wrap/use existing Java classes. It is an ILSM (Inline Language Support Module) for Java 2." This is a bug fix release.

Voruta 1.0.1 is an open source library that reduces the JDBC code in application by mapping SQL procedures and queries to Java methods using custom JavaDoc tags. It does not need any custom build tools or external metadata files. Version 1.0.1 adds an activity statistics collector that lets users view execution times, cache usage, and query plans. Voruta is published under the Apache License.

Websina has released BugZero 3.5.1, a $999 payware Web-based bug tracking system that supports multiple projects, group-based access, automatic bug assignment, file attachment, email notification, and metric reports. Bug Zero is written in Java and can run on top of various backend databases including MySQL. 3.5.1 is a bug fix release.