Java News from Tuesday, March 2, 2004

IBM's alphaWorks has released Structural Analysis for JavaTM (SA4J), "a technology that analyzes structural dependencies of Java applications in order to measure their stability. It detects structural 'anti-patterns' (suspicious design elements) and provides dependency web browsing for detailed exploration of anti-patterns in the dependency web. SA4J also enables 'what if' analysis in order to assess the impact of change on the functionality of the application; and it offers guidelines for package re-factoring." I'd love to test this out, but currently it's only available for Windows. Linux and mac OS X binaries are promised shortly.

Linus Tolke has posted ArgoUML 0.15.4, an open source UML modelling tool written in Java. ArgoUML is published under a BSD license.

David Koelle has changed the license of his JFugue music library so it's now available for commercial use.