Java News from Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Jakarta Apache Project has posted the first release candidate of Commons Transaction 1.0. "Commons Transaction aims at providing lightweight, standardized, well tested and efficient implementations of utility classes commonly used in transactional Java programming. Initially there are implementations for multi level locks, transactional collections and transactional file access. There may be additional implementations when the common need for them becomes obvious. However, the complete component shall remain compatible to JDK1.2 and should have minimal dependencies."

The Jakarta Apache Project has also posted Tomcat 5.0.30, an open source servlet container for the Apache web server and the official reference implementation of the Java Servlet API and Java Server Pages (JSP). Tomcat 5.0.30 implements version 2.4 of the Java Servlet API 2.4 and version 2.0 of Java Server Pages. 5.0.30 is a bug fix release. The version numbering is funky, but this is basically a beta release. Presumably 5.0.31 will be the release version.