Java News from Monday, November 8, 2004

2004 is becoming the year of third editions, as I am now happy to announce my third third edition this year, Java Network Programming. The third edition retains almost everything that made the last two editions bestsellers (I did cut one chapter on applets that wasn't hugely relevant in 2004) and adds a lot of material on new features introduced in Java 1.4 and 1.5 including:

Perhaps the most significant addition to the third edition is the animal on the cover. Henceforth, Java Network Programming will be known as "The Otter Book":

The Otter Book

The third edition is available now from Amazon, Powell's, and and Barnes & Noble. Note that there's a bug in Amazon's database: if you search for "Elliotte Harold" or "Java Network Programming", the second edition still comes up. However, if you follow the links here you'll go straight to the third edition. You can also read it online as part of a Safari subscription. I've added more than a few pages and a lot of content to this edition, but the price remains the same, $39.95. Amazon is currently showing it at 32% off, $27.17, which is the lowest price I've seen. Order now. Amazon never orders enough copies of my new books, and typically sells out of their initial stock very soon after I announce a book here, sometimes within the first hour or two. If they've sold out, don't worry. O'Reilly will get them some more very quickly, certainly sooner than the 1-2 weeks they generally promise. Check it out!