Java News from Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Taking care of a piece of old business, On September 9th I asked, "Why won't any browser except Mozilla (not even Firefox) let me type my Google searches in the location bar? More importantly, why won't any browser (not even Mozilla) default to a Google search when what I type in the location bar contains spaces and is obviously not a URL or host name?" It turns out Firefox will do this, as Matthew Wilson, C. Brian Jones, and several others informed me. However, it defaults to "I'm Feeling Lucky" (i.e. go to the first page in the search results) rather than showing the usual search results. To change this:

Sun's released a minor maintenance update to the Java 2 Software Development Kit 1.4.2, version 1.4.2_06. This version fixes several dozen assorted bugs. It's available for Winodws, Linux, and Solaris.

Sun has posted second maintenance draft review for JSR-12 Java Data Objects. The changes are minor but functional. Comments are due by December 6.

Sun has posted the maintenance draft review for JSR-180 SIP API for J2ME. The changes are editorial in nature, not functional. Comments are due by November 15.