Java News from Thursday, October 28, 2004

Pat Niemeyer pointed out that I could also make Mozilla do automatic keywork searching by setting keyword.enabled to true using the about:config. Cool! (Firefox sets setting keyword.enabled to true by default, but Mozilla doesn't.)

Siemens AG has posted the early draft review of Java Specification Request 182, JPay - Payment API for the Java Platform. According to the JSR, "the JPay API will allow Java applications (typically Web applications or Java enabled content servers) to utilize a 3rd party's payment service to charge users for using the application or accessing the content. The payment service could be for instance a Parlay gateway providing the Parlay Content Based Charging function or an implementation of the emerging PayCircleTM Payment Web Service specification. The payment service will conduct payments between the content provider, who runs the Java application, and a consumer, who uses the application. The JPay API will provide the application programmer with local access to the payment functionality provided by the 3rd Party's payment service. "

The Jakarta Apache Project has released Torque 3.1.1. Torque is a persistence layer that generates all the database resources (SQL scripts + Java object model/peer classes) required by an application and includes a runtime environment to run the generated classes. Torque was developed as part of the Turbine Framework, but is now decoupled and can be used by itself. 3.1.1 is a bug fix release.