Java News from Thursday, September 9, 2004

Apple has posted the Java 1.4.2 Update 2 Final Candidate on the Apple Developer Connection (registration and Mac OS X 10.3 required). Apple warns, "Please note that this is a prerelease build which will overwrite the existing Java 1.4.x installation on Panther. Please install this build on non-critical systems if you are concerned with changes that may affect your work or Java applications. The only way to revert to the standard Panther 1.4.1 will be to archive or erase reinstallation of Panther." No word yet on what's been fixed in this version.

I'm in the process of combining three different computers onto a single Mac OS X desktop. So far it's mostly going well, though the Mac has had some troubles talking to my SGI monitor. But the SGI 1600SW monitors I use are very funny beasts that predate the introduction of DVI, and Linux and Windows both have had trouble supoorting them. Software wise, almost everything seems to work, with the notable exception of Java 1.5, which is a pretty serious omissions, and means I'll have to keep the Linux box going for awhile longer. The latest scuttlebutt out of Apple is that Java 1.5 won't ship until Tiger does (Apple's Tiger, Mac OS X 10.4; not Sun's Tiger, JDK 1.5) and likely won't ever run on Mac OS 10.3 and earlier. Unnecessary obsolescense to force paid upgrades is a bad thing, and something Apple didn't use to do. Microsoft is much better in this respect.

Other notes from the transition: