Java News from Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Siemens AG has released the final draft of JSR 229, Payment API (PAPI). According to the spec,

The scope of this JSR is to define the following:

The definition of provisioning data ensures that service providers and payment service providers can select a suitable set of payment adapters provisioned for applications on application deployment time. The following types of payment adapters are primarily addressed:

This JSR enables application developers to initiate mobile payment transactions from MIDP applications. It is an optional package for the J2ME CLDC configuration and targeted at MIDP and IMP devices. The scope of this JSR is to provide a generic payment initiation mechanism that hides the actual payment architecture and complexity from the developers.

This JSR does not define and imply any concrete payment implementation and mechanism, but is generic enough to support different implementations. It is up to the implementing party to realize the API based on one or more technical solutions enabling the application-initiated payment. The JSR also does not define any user behavior or user interface, but leaves them open to be defined by the actual implementation of the API.