Java News from Friday, August 5, 2005

Note to all members: if you want to participate in a project (especially one of mine, but I suspect this is true in general) it is not enough to click the button and select the box for "Project Developer." If you do that, all I see is a message that "user username has requested the Developer role in the amateur project." (Honestly this is a design flaw in the Collabnet system is built on top of. When rejecting such a request I'm asked to give a reason, but when making the request the user can't give a reason or even their real name or e-mail address.) I'll approve anonymous observer requests, but the chance of getting CVS commit access this way is virtually zero. Before you request a role, you need to communicate with me: send me e-mail, tell me who you are, what you want to do, why you need the role, send in some patches, participate in the mailing lists, etc. However, there's no way I'm granting write access to effectively anonymous individuals.