Java News from Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Eclipse Project has released AspectJ 5.0. AspectJ is a derivative of Java that allows programmers to write code that applies across multiple classes. The AspectJ compiler requires Java 1.3 but can generate code for Java 1.1 and later. "This release constitutes a full-upgrade of AspectJ to support Java 5, while also delivering a large number of quality improvements that will benefit users running on JDK 1.4 or below. In addition to the Java 5 related language changes AspectJ 5 also supports an @AspectJ style of aspect declaration, greatly enhanced load-time weaving capabilities, a full reflection API, and tools APIs for parts of the weaver."

The Jakarta Apache Project has released version 3.0 of HTTPClient, a full-featured HTTP class library for those times when URL and URLConnection don't cut it. New features in 3.0 include:

The Apache Jakarta Commons Project has released Commons Math 1.1, an open source library providing many mathematical functions for statistics, random data generation, linear algebra, root finding, interpolation, erf, gamma and beta functions, arrays, factorials, complex numbers, distributions, matrices, and solving linear systems. 1.1 adds some new probability distributions, a Fraction class, new matrix and numerical utilities, and a PRNG pluggability framework to enable the replacement of the JDK random number generator with alternative PRNG implementations. This release is API compatible with 1.0. Commons Math is published under the Apache 2.0 license.