Java News from Monday, January 17, 2005

It's been my experience that about half the techies and journalists commenting on the new Mac Mini "get it", and about half don't. This contrasts favorably with the track record for the iPod Mini, where almost nobody, including me, "got it" up front. A typical example of the commentators who don't get it is Michael Kanellos at c|net. First read his latest column and spot the elementary math error. Someone needs a refresher course in high school geometry. The continue on to The Cafes.

The Mozilla Project has released Bugzilla 2.18, an open source issue tracking system based on MySQL and Perl. Despite the apparently small version number change (the previous version was 2.16), this is a major release with many new features including:

In addition, many bugs have been fixed, including some security problems. If you're not ready to upgrade yet, there's also a new 2.16.8 version that integrates lots of the bug fixes. All users should upgrade to one or the other of these releases. However, using Mozilla's installation as an example, this release does not appear to have improved the user interface significantly, which is still rather poor compared to payware alternatives like Jira.