Java News from Saturday, July 16, 2005

Not specifically Java news, but I'm too pleased by this not to mention it. The Mozilla Project has posted the second alpha of Thunderbird 1.1. Despite the usual warnings ("This release is intended for testers ONLY, to get some early exposure on some of the new features under development for Thunderbird 1.1. It will contain bugs! If you are an end user using Thunderbird 1.0, please stay with 1.0. Thanks!") in my limited testing on Mac OS X, this release is far more stable and reliable than 1.0. A lot of little niggling bugs that had been biting me for the last six months or so have been fixed. I don't see any real new features here, but overall the application runs faster, feels smoother, and just works better. In particular, I should finally be able to import and reorganize all my old Eudora mailboxes. Some AppleScripts that broke when I upgraded to Tiger are also working again, though overall AppleScript support is weak compared to Eudora. Also I still miss the templates support in Eudora. (Yes, I know Thundebird has templates. No, they aren't usable in any realistic way.) Possibly you might want to wait for another beta or two if you use POP and store your mailboxes locally, but IMAP users who are a little more resistant to corruption should think about upgrading. At least on Mac OS X 10.4, this is a major improvement.