Java News from Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Apache Commons Group has posted Betwixt 0.7, an open source Java class library that

provides an XML introspection mechanism for mapping beans to XML in a flexible way. It is implemented using an XMLIntrospector and XMLBeanInfo classes which are similar to the standard Introspector and BeanInfo from the Java Beans specification.

Betwixt provides a way of turning beans into XML as well as automatically generating digester rules in a way that can be customized on a per type manner in the same way that the BeanInfo mechanism can be used to customize the default introspection on a java object.

Betwixt 0.7 is a feature release. A number of new strategies have been introduced to add flexibility. Improvements have been made to binding and introspection including improved support for polymophism. Improvements have been made to the dot betwixt file format including support for multiple specifications within the same file. For full details see the tasks documentation.

Betwixt 0.7 is binary compatible with 0.6 but a number of changes have been made to some semantics. It is believed that the impact of these changes should be minimal.

The Jakarta Apache Project has released Reusable Dialog Components (RDC) Taglib 1.0, an open source "framework for creating JSP taglibs that aid in rapid development of voice and multimodal applications." Java Server Pages 2.0 is required.