Java News from Tuesday, March 1, 2005

ByteConsult GmbH has released nib4j 1.1, a $169 payware tool that enables Apple's Interface Builder be used to design cross-platform Swing user interfaces.

IBM has withdrawn Java Specification Request (JSR) 92 Localizable Text from the Java Community Process. I'm not sure what happened to this one. Five years after the working groups founding, they never even got to early draft review. Whether everyone lost interest or other technologies filled the needs this spec was trying to address, I don't know.

Day Software has posted the proposed final draft specification for JSR-170, Content Repository for Java™ Technology API. The spec has now been split into two compliance levels:

Level 1 defines a read-only repository. This includes functionality for the reading of repository content, introspection of content-type definitions, basic support for namespaces, export of content to XML and searching. This functionality should meet the needs of presentation templates and basic portal applications comprising about 80% of the existing code-base of content-related applications.

Level 2 additionally defines methods for writing content, assignment of types to content, further support for namespaces, and importing content from XML.

Finally, a number of independently optional features are defined that a compliant repository may support. These are transactions, versioning, observation, access control, locking and additional support for searching.

Nokia has released the maintenance draft of JSR-212 Server API for Mobile Services: Messaging. The changes are minor but functional. There are three major changes in this review:

Open Cloud and Sun have posted the early draft review of JSR-240 Java Advanced Intelligent Networks (JAIN) Service Logic Execution Environment (SLEE) API Specification 1.1.

Greg Hinkle has posted the fifth beta of MC4J 1.2, an open source (MPL) GUI interface for Java Management Extensions (JMX) based servers. Supported servers include JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, and Tomcat. MC4J is built on top of netbeans 3.6.