Java News from Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Mark Doliner has released Cobertura 1.1, a free-as-in-speech (GPL) code coverage tool for Java. Version 1.1 fixes bugs and speeds up the execution. If you're not already using another code coverage, this is definitely worth a look. I hope to have some time to seriously review this product in a couple of weeks.

Derrick Oswald has released the HTML parser 1.5, a free (LGPL) class library for parsing "real-world HTML." This is a bug fix release.

Teodor Danciu's posted version 0.6.5 of JasperReports, an open source (LGPL) Java library for generating reports from XML templates and customizable data sources (including JDBC). The output can be displayed on the screen, printed, or written to XML or PDF files. Version 0.6.5 provides more control of image loading and display, adds some more samples, and fixes bugs.