Java News from Wednesday, May 25, 2005

YourKit, LLC has posted a public beta of YourKit Java Profiler 4.5, a 295€ payware tool for detecting memory leaks and memory consumption bottlenecks. It features Automation of memory leak detection, an object heap browser, JUnit integration, IntelliJ IDEA, Borland JBuilder integration. besides bugs fixes, version 4.5 adds a MacOS X "Aqua" Look and Feel, support for 64-bit Java, and a live telemetry view.

Gaudenz Alder has released JGraph 5.5, a free-as-in-speech (Mozilla Public License/LGPL) graph component for Swing that requires Java 1.4 or later. JGraph is accompanied by Graphpad, an open-source diagram editor for Swing that offers Automatic Layout, Printing, Zoom, and much more. It is available in English, German and French. This appears to be mostly a bug fix release.