Java News from Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Apple has released Mac OS X 10.4.3 (free upgrade through Software Update for Tiger users). Among numerous other bug fixes, this release fixes some serious performance issues involving Java that were majorly slowing down some applications like Eclipse.

Sun's posted the Call for Papers for JavaOne 2006. Deadline is November 30. The conference takes place May 15-18 in San Francisco. To answer one oft-asked question, for the tenth consecutive year, I won't be attending or speaking. I will be in the Bay Area in March for Software Development West 2006.

The third release candidate of Mantis 1.0, a free-as-in-speech (GPL) bug tracking system based on PHP and MySQL, has been posted. This release fixes security bugs. All users should upgrade.

Sleepycat Software has released Berkeley DB Java edition 2.0.90. Berkeley DB JE is an open source, non-relational embedded database written in Java. The data is exposed through "a Java Collections-style interface, as well as a programmatic interface similar to the Berkeley DB API." This is a bug fix release.