Java News from Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Version 1.2.6 of Spring has been released. Spring is a layered Java/J2EE application framework based on inversion of control. As near as I've ever been able to figure out, Spring is designed to enable applications to use plain old Java objects (POJOs) in J2EE. 1.2.6 is primarily a bug fix release. Spring is published under the Apache License 2.0.

Sun's posted the proposed final draft of JSR-244, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition 5.0 to the Java Community Process (JCP).

Sun's posted the maintenance review change log for the Java Network Launching Protocol and API (a.k.a. Java Web Start) specification. Changes are fairly significant and include an update element to indicate the preferences for how application updates should be handled by the JNLP client, a check attributes to specify when the JNLP client should check for updates, and a policy attributes to tell the client what to do when an update is available before the application is launched. Comments are due by January 9.