Java News from Saturday, November 26, 2005

BlueJ 2.1.0, a free integrated development environment (IDE) for Java aimed at education, has been released. 2.1.0 allows local variables to be declared and used in the codepad.

I've posted the seventh beta/first release candidate of XOM 1.1, my free-as-in-speech (LGPL) dual streaming/tree-based API for processing XML with Java. Version 1.1 maintains backwards compatibility with XOM 1.0 while adding a number of important new features including XPath queries, document subset canonicalization, exclusive XML canonicalization, external XSLT parameters, and xml:id support. The API is now considered to be stable, and probably won't change before 1.1 final. Beta 7 fixes two minor, almost cosmetic bugs in the Serializer and plugs a possible memory leak in the Builder. Barring discovery of any more bugs, this should be the last beta before the final release of XOM 1.1 next week. I'd really appreciate it if anyone who's been using it could give this release candidate a spin to make sure the latest fixes haven't broken anything else. XOM requires Java 1.2 or later and is published under the LGPL.