Java News from Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Stefan Palme has released Java for C++, a free-as-speech (GPL) "tool to generate C++-wrapper-classes for existing Java-classes. This tool reads a list of Java class names and creates source code for C++-classes to wrap them. The implementation of the wrapper classes uses JNI (Java Native Interface) to call the "real" Java classes. The C++-API to use these wrapper classes is very close to the API of the original Java classes. So developers of C++-software can use Java-classes as if they have been implemented in C++."

Version 3.1.3 of EJBCA, an open source, Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Certificate Authority, has been released. EJBCA can be used standalone or integrated into other J2EE application. It supports multiple levels of certificate authorities, individual enrollment and batch production of certificates, PKCS12 and PEM export, configurable certificate contents. revocation and certificate revocation lists, and more. Version 3.1.3 fixes bugs and adds RSA-PSS signature support. EJBCA is published under the LGPL.