Java News from Friday, November 4, 2005

I've posted my notes on Measuring JUnit Code Coverage from yesterday's talk at STPCon.

The GNU Project has released version 0.19 of GNU Classpath, an incomplete free implementation of the core Java class libraries. According to the announcement,

Some highlights of changes in this release (more extensive list below):

Much more efficient painting for large Free Swing GUIs. Improved accessibility support. HttpURLConnection rewrite. Official CORBA VMCID assigned. Start of RMI over IIOP support. Qt4 support for OS-X. Much improved Free Swing Metal theme. Free Swing Demo includes theme switcher example (Metal, Ocean, GNU). JBoss now starts up and Jonas testsuite passes for 95%. Support for the javax.sound.midi framework and experimental DSSI and ALSA service providers. Early version of the popular StAX API. Now has 96% coverage of 1.4 API.

This is the first time we also have a pre-release of our 1.5 generics work. classpath-0.19-generics contains a version of the core library that uses the new 1.5 language features such as generics and enumerations. ECJ and JamVM are known to support the generics release out of the box. And you should be able to run Eclipse 3.1 with it to develop programs that use the new 1.5 language and core library additions. classpath-generics is a work in progress and not as extensively tested as our regular releases. But please try it out if you want to help us test the new 1.5 support of the core libraries.

GNU Classpath is published under the GPL with library exception.

Gaudenz Alder has released JGraph 5.7.4, a free-as-in-speech (Mozilla Public License/LGPL) graph component for Swing that requires Java 1.4 or later. JGraph is accompanied by Graphpad, an open-source diagram editor for Swing that offers Automatic Layout, Printing, Zoom, and much more. It is available in English, German and French. 5.7.4 is mostly a bug fix release.