Java News from Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Apache Software Foundation has released of Maven 2.0, an open source build tool for Java that's more declarative and less procedural than Ant. (That was a lot faster than I expected. I thought this release was months away. I guess some projects move faster than others.) According to the announcement,

Maven 2.0 is a rewrite of the popular Maven application, designed to both address previous functional requirements and provide a stable platform for extending and enhancing its build management framework.

This release is significantly faster and smaller than Maven 1.0 and includes the following usability and performance improvements:

The elimination of Jelly in favor of Java should be a real improvement. Extending Maven 1.0 is vastly too difficult. If plug-ins exist to do what you want, it's no big deal. If not, you really don't want to try writing your own. However, not all plugins have been upgraded to supoprt Maven 2.0 yet, so you may nto want to upgrade quite yet.

I've posted the fifth beta of XOM 1.1, my free-as-in-speech (LGPL) dual streaming/tree-based API for processing XML with Java. Version 1.1 maintains backwards compatibility with XOM 1.0 while adding a number of important new features including XPath queries, document subset canonicalization, exclusive XML canonicalization, external XSLT parameters, and xml:id support. The API is now considered to be stable, and probably won't change before 1.1 final. Beta 5 fixes one bug in the Canonicalizer and makes a couple more small optimizations. This may be the last beta before the final release of XOM 1.1. XOM requires Java 1.2 or later and is published under the LGPL.