Java News from Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Apache Software Foundation has posted the first beta of Maven 2.0, an open source build tool for Java that's more declarative and less procedural than Ant. According to the Maven site,

Maven 2.0 will feel very different to a Maven 1.0 user - and perhaps a little strange. But it is a lot simpler to work with! The key changes from Maven 1.0 are:

The elimination of Jelly in favor of Java should be a real improvement. Extending Maven 1.0 is vastly too difficult. If plug-ins exist to do what you want, it's no big deal. If not, you really don't want to try writing your own. Right now I'm struggling with a Maven extension to support Cobertura, and it ain't pretty; even though most of the work has already been done by other people.