Java News from Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sun has posted the fifth update release for Java 5.0 Tiger with dozens of assorted bug fixes. As usual it's available for Solaris, Windows, and Linux.

Version 1.1.6 of the Kaffe open source Java virtual machine for various Unixes has been released. This release adds a PowerPC JIT among other new features and bug fixes. According to developer Jim Pick, "It has been tested, but not as thoroughly as a production release would be. It contains major improvements over 1.1.5, which was released six months ago. I anticipate that most people will have less trouble with this release, and more fun."

The Maven Project has posted the fourth alpha of Continuum, a "continous intergration server for building Java based projects." Continuum supports projects based on Ant, Maven 1, and Maven 2. It exposes web and XML_RPC interfaces, and provides e-mail notification of build failures. Code can be checked out of CVS and Subversion repositories. Alpha 4 adds schedule support, build definitions, and Jabber and MSN notifiers.

Enterprise Distributed Technologies has released edtFTPj 1.5.2, a free (LGPL) FTP library for Java. A $1999 payware version adds support for FTP over SSL. 1.5.2 fixes bugs and adds a restart() method.