Java News from Monday, April 10, 2006

Amazon has begun taking pre-orders for the second edition of Java I/O. I'm going over the page proofs now. Amazon is listing June 1 for the availability date, though I think O'Reilly is going to try to get it out in time for JavaOne. This edition has tons of new content from Java 1.4 through 6 including several chapters about NIO, J2ME, Bluetooth, and USB. I've also integrated a lot of smaller changes that have made their way into over the last six years: the good (getTotalSpace(), getFreeSpace(), and getUsableSpace()), the bad (, and the ugly ( I've also added a lot of material about better ways to solve the real I/O problems encountered in modern applications. For instance, there's extensive discussion about storing resources in JAR archives and loading them from there, and using FileSystemView to connect the user's abstraction of the file system with the programmer's. Java I/O is one of my favorite books, and I'm really happy with the second edition. I hope you like it.