Java News from Thursday, April 20, 2006

Novell has released Mono 1.1.15, an open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET framework that runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows. Mono includes an ECMA Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) runtime engine, a cross platform IKVM Java runtime engine, a C# 1.0 compiler, class libraries implementing the .NET 1.1 profile, the Gtk# 1.0 GUI programming toolkit, GNU Classpath for the CLI and a Visual Basic runtime. According to the release notes,

This is the second beta towards the release of Mono 1.2.

Mono was branched at version 1.1.13 to become the stable version of Mono that is distributed by Novell on its enterprise products. That series of releases are only getting bug fixes.

Before each release we run all of the regression tests on Mono, so we consider this release usable for deployment, but there are still a few changes in various areas."

Version 1.0.2 of Mantis, a free-as-in-speech (GPL) bug tracking system based on PHP and MySQL, has been released. This release fixes security bugs. All users should upgrade.

JCraft, Inc has posted JSch 0.1.27, an open source, pure Java implementation of SSH2 that supports port forwarding, X11 forwarding, file transfer, etc. This version adds some minor features including handling hostkeys included in known_hosts file and setting timeout values for opening sockets. Java 1.2 or later and the JCE are required. JSch is released under a BSD license. This release fixes bugs.

TMate Software has released JavaSVN 1.0.4, a pure Java Subversion client library. This release is now compatibile with Subversion 1.3.1 and fixes assorted bugs