Java News from Friday, April 21, 2006

Andrew Wilcox has released JIP 1.0.4, an interactive open source profiler for Java. Surprisingly JIP is not based on the JVMPI. According to Wilcox, "Most profilers have some native component. This is because most profilers use the JVMPI (Java Virtual Machine Profiling Interface) which requires the use of native components. JIP, however, is pure Java. It takes advantage of the Java5™ feature which allows you to hook the classloader. JIP adds aspects to every method of every class that you want to profile. These aspects allow it to capture performance data."

ej-technologies GmbH has released version 4.2 of JProfiler, a $698 payware profiler based on the Java virtual machine profiling interface (JVMPI that can report on CPU usage, memory size, threads, and "VM telemetry" (whatever that is). This release now supports mac OS X on Intel, AIX, and HP/UX. New features in 4.2 include various comparison views and improved exporting. JProfiler is a useful tool, but mostly I'm pretty happy with my old 2.x version.