Java News from Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Polarion Software has posted Subversive 1.0.0 M11, a pure Java, open source Eclipse plug-in that provides Subversion integration. I'll have to check this out. I'm doind a lot of work with Subversion lately, and while Subversion is a clear improvement on CVS, Subclipse isn't yet up to the level of Eclipse's native CVS support. The inability to branch into a separate respository and the especially the lack of any notation of changed files is a problem.

The Big Faceless Organization has released the Big Faceless Graph Library 2.2, an $800 payware (more if you want support or to distribute your applications that use the library) Java class library for plotting 2D or shaded 3D pie charts, line graphs, area graphs, bar graphs and exporting them to PNG, GIF and PDF. Vesrion 2.2 enables width and depth to be set on StackedBarSeries and MultiBarSeries independently of their children. Java 1.2 or later is required.

The Big Faceless Organization has released the Big Faceless PDF Library 2.6.9, a $700 payware (more if you want support) Java class library for creating PDF documents. The $1300 Extended Edition adds the AcroForms support, digital signatures, and the ability to import and edit and existing PDF documents. Version 2.6.7 fixes bugs, improves TIFF support, achooses Bouncy Castle as the preferred JCE provider.

Teodor Danciu has released JasperReports 1.2.2, an open source (LGPL) Java library for generating reports from XML templates and customizable data sources (including JDBC). The output can be displayed on the screen, printed, or written to XML or PDF files. Version 1.2.2 fixes bugs and makes assorted packaging changes.

Andrew Wilcox has released JIP 1.0.5, an interactive open source profiler for Java. Surprisingly JIP is not based on the JVMPI. According to Wilcox, "Most profilers have some native component. This is because most profilers use the JVMPI (Java Virtual Machine Profiling Interface) which requires the use of native components. JIP, however, is pure Java. It takes advantage of the Java5™ feature which allows you to hook the classloader. JIP adds aspects to every method of every class that you want to profile. These aspects allow it to capture performance data." 1.0.5 fixes bugs.

YourKit, LLC has released YourKit Java Profiler 5.5, a 295€ payware tool for detecting memory leaks and memory consumption bottlenecks. It features memory leak detection, an object heap browser, JUnit integration, IntelliJ IDEA, Borland JBuilder, NetBeans, and Eclipse integration. This release adds support for IBM's JDK and Intel Macs.