Java News from Sunday, August 20, 2006

Jeff Pace has released version 5.1 of DoctorJ, an LGPL'd Java application that analyzes Java source code in three areas:

It especially focuses on comparing API documentation to code. Version 5.1 adds support for Java 5.

I tested it on XOM, and the results weren't promising. All it caught were false positives about @throws clauses. Indeed the recommendations it gave were counter to accepted Java-design guidelines for documenting runtime exceptions.

David Cranshaw has released SQLiteJDBC 016, a JDBC driver for the SQLite database. "It is written as a thin driver on top of the SQLite 3.3.x C API. The native JNI library has SQLite compiled into it so all you need to do is include the two files packaged above in your project." It's published under the BSD license.