Java News from Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Eclipse Project has posted the fifth milestone of Eclipse 3.2, an open source integrated development environment (IDE) for Java. It also doubles as a base platform for your own applications, an alternative to the AWT and Swing, and a powerful floor wax and dessert topping. Most importantly th8is milestone adds support for Java 6 Mustang and X86 Macs. Other new features include:

On the other hand they've added one very nasty "quick break", Remove brackets. This is a very bad idea. I have to go file a bug on this one. There. Done. Almost equally unwise is a quick assist to autogenerate hashCode() and equals() methods. I'm sorry, but these methods are just too tricky to expect a computer to get right. (Then again, they're so tricky that most humans don't get them right either most of the time.)

SWT has also been much improved with

There's quite a bit more. This is really quite an impressive milestone.