Java News from Monday, February 6, 2006

Christof Dallermassl has posted GPSMap 0.5, a free-as-in-speech (LGPL) Java library and application for plotting NMEA data on maps it downloads from the Expedia map servers. "It consists of different modules that may be used as a programmer's framework or as an application. The main application is GPSylon. A smaller command line tool (demonstration of the gpsinput library) is named GPSTool. The library that is used to communicate with the gps device can be used independently and is provided as a separate jar file (since version 0.5)." GPSMap can talk to increasingly uncommon serial port GPS units. It may work with Bluetooth or USB if you can map that to a serial port first, though I've never had any luck with that myself. I've actually been working on USB and Bluetooth GPS devices lately. Expanding this library to cover Bluetooth more directly probably wouldn't be hard, though it would need a JSR-82 stack, and those aren't cheap. However Java USB support is pretty pathetic at this opoint in time. It only works on Linux, and then only if you run as root. :-(