Java News from Tuesday, January 10, 2006

MySQL A.B. has posted a beta of MySQL Connector/J 5.0.0, the Type-IV all-Java JDBC driver for MySQL. According to MYSQL's Mark Matthews,

Version 5.0.0 is a development release based on code from the stable tree. It is essentially Connector/J 3.1.13 with support for XA back ported from the Connector/J 3.2 branch, as well as some internal refactorings to support JDBC-4.0 features.

New features that are included:

Connector/J 5.0.0 is suitable for use with any MySQL version including MySQL-4.1, MySQL-5.0 or MySQL-5.1.

We expect that Connector/J 5.0 will soon stabilize, as the majority of the codebase is from Connector/J 3.1 which is a generally available release, with largely non-disruptive new functionality added (namely XA) to the 5.0 codebase (which is also why this is a "beta" release out of the gate).