Java News from Saturday, March 18, 2006

Geert Bevin has released JHighlight 1.0, a free-as-in-speech (LGPL) syntax highlighting library that reads Java, HTML, XHTML, XML, Groovy, C++, and LZX languages and outputs syntax colored XHTML.

Nathan Fiedler has released version 3.9 of JSwat, a graphical, stand-alone Java debugger built on top of the Java Platform Debugger Architecture. Features include breakpoints, source code viewing, single-stepping, watching variables, viewing stack frames, and printing variables. Version 3.9 fixes bugs. JSwat is now published under the Sun Public License. (It was previously published under the GPL.)

Gaudenz Alder has released JGraph 5.8, a free-as-in-speech (Mozilla Public License/LGPL) graph component for Swing that requires Java 1.4 or later. 5.8 pkugs some memory leaks.

Five Square Software has released CatSlapper 1.1, a a $12.95 payware Mac OS X application for installing and managing multiple Jakarta Tomcats. This release no longer requires administrator privileges and can run Tomcats as a non-privileged user. Mac OS X 10.4 and Tomcat 5.0.x are required.