Java News from Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Eclipse Project has posted the third release candidate of Eclipse 3.2, an open source integrated development environment (IDE) for Java. It also doubles as a base platform for your own applications, an alternative to the AWT and Swing, and a powerful floor wax and dessert topping. The most notable improvement in this release is a half fix for the notorious SWT-AWT integration bug on the Mac. Apple promises a patch for the other half of the bug soon.

Atlassian has released version 3.6.1 of JIRA, a $1200-$4800 payware J2EE-based bug tracking and project management server application. 3.6.1 is a bug fix release. I've been using Jira lately with Jaxen and Apache. It's a definite improvement over Bugzilla. I'm not sure it really does anything that Bugzilla doesn't do (at least not anything I use) but the user interface is about a hundred times cleaner.

Apple has posted the first beta of Java 6 for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) on the Apple Developer Connection (first born child required). It's nice to see the time lag between Apple and Sun's VMs shortening, though for the moment this release is only for the Intel systems. The next release should support PowerPC as well.