Java News from Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nokia has submitted JSR-297, Mobile 3D Graphics API 2.0 to the Java Community Process (JCP). According to the JSR,

The proposed specification is a new revision of JSR-184, Mobile 3D Graphics API for J2ME, or "M3G" for short.

This new revision, M3G 2.0, will extend and enhance M3G to better leverage state-of-the-art hardware, particularly programmable 3D graphics accelerators, but also to extract better performance from more constrained devices.

Some of the requirements and goals for M3G 2.0 are as follows:

Slava Pestov has uploaded the fourth pre-release of jEdit 4.3, an open source programmer's editor written in Java with extensive plug-in support and my preferred text editor on Windows and Unix. Besides bug fixes this release adds syntax highlighting for TypoScript, Myghty, and JavaCC.