Java News from Sunday, November 5, 2006

Peter Arrenbrecht has released JCite 1.5. According to Arrenbrecht, "JCite makes it possible to cite snippets of Java source code in your HTML documents - API documentation, for instance. The snippets are copied out of real, live Java class source files, which should be part of the regular build. This guarantees that the cited snippets are always up-to-date." JCite is published under a BSD license.

Motorola and Nokia have posted the public review draft of JSR-272 Mobile Broadcast Service API for Handheld Terminals to the Java Community Process (JCP). According to the JSR,

The proposed specification specifies an Optional Package API for client Java applications for interactive broadcasting purposes for mobile terminals. The API enables the Java applications to receive, exploit, and interact (via the interactive channel, for example wireless cellular link) with content received over a digital broadcast link. The API is targeted for CLDC/MIDP based mobile terminals.

Comments are due by November 6.