Java News from Friday, October 13, 2006

Simon Kågström has released Cibyl 4, a free-as-in-speech (GPL) "programming environment that allows compiled C programs to execute on J2ME-capable phones. Cibyl uses GCC to compile the C programs to MIPS binaries, and these are then recompiled into Java bytecode. The programs are not parsed during runtime, and Cibyl is therefore well-performing. With Cibyl, games written in C can be ported to J2ME without switching language. The environment is tied to the GNU compiler tools (GCC and binutils) and only tested on Linux so far although it should work in other environments as well."

Achim Westermann has released JChart2D 2.1, a thread-safe, libré (LGPL) Swing widget for drawing x-y plots. new features in this release include viewports, run-time configuration by popup menus for traces and charts, and flexible rendering of traces by discs, polylines, and filled polygons. Version 2.1 adds bidirectional zoom, configurable error bars, and anti-aliasing.

Ben Litchfield has posted PDFBox 0.7.3, an open source (BSD license) Java library for manipulating PDF documents and extracting contents from existing PDF documents. This release fixes bugs.