Java News from Monday, October 23, 2006

Sean C. Sullivan has posted the second alpha of Barbecue 1.5, an open-source (BSD license) for creating "barcodes for printing and display in Java applications. A number of barcode formats are supported and many more can be added via the flexible barcode API. Barcodes can be output to three different image formats (PNG, GIF, JPEG), used as a Swing component, or written out as SVG."

Sebastiano Vigna has released version 5.0.5 of fastUtil, a collection of type-specific Java maps and sets with a small memory footprint and faster access and insertion. The classes implement their standard counterpart interfaces such as java.util.Map and can be plugged into existing code. However, they also contain type-specific methods. For instance, the CharList class has not only the usual add(Object o) method but also an add(char c) method. This is a bug fix release. fastUtil is published under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).