Java News from Wednesday, October 25, 2006

JetBrains has released BuildDesk a $199 payware tool for generating Ant scripts from IDEA projects. It will also generate native installers and launchers for Mac OS X and Windows, and obfuscate JAR files.

Sun has released JSR-231 Java Bindings for OpenGL to the JCP. This describes the Java bindings to a native OpenGL 3D graphics library.

Sun has also released the completed JSR-239 Java Bindings for OpenGL ES. This "API enables access to a low level 3D graphics library through a standard Java interface. OpenGL® is the de facto standard 3D libraries on the desktop, and with the matching OpenGL® ES specification for embedded devices, it is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for a platform independent, low level 3D API in the embedded market. Developers can leverage their knowledge of programming in OpenGL® to program rich 3D content for handheld and other embedded devices."