Java News from Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Julien Ponge has released IzPack 3.9, an open source tool for building cross-platform installers in Java. 3.9 fixes bugs and adds Indonesian support. IzPack is published under the Apache License 2.0.

BenQ Corporation has posted the proposed final draft of JSR-230 Data Sync API for J2ME. According to the draft,

This JSR defines a JME optional package that can be used with the JME configurations Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) or Connected Device Configuration (CDC). The package contains an API that enables applications to synchronize application-specific data stored in the terminal with the corresponding data stored on a server, thus replicating any changes made to either instance of the data. The API defined by this JSR provides a generic interface to the data synchronization implementation in the device, enabling data synchronization via data synchronization protocols supported by the device. One example of a data synchronization protocol that may be used by Java applications is the SyncML protocol as defined in OMA Data Synchronization (OMA DS).

The API defined in the present specification provides a protocol-independent set of synchronization commands, which means that the API can be implemented on top of various data synchronization protocols.

The API covers the following aspects: