Java News from Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I've posted a summary of the responses I received to last month's query about JavaOne/Moscone center hotels on The Cafes. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment.

Kirill Grouchnikov has released the Substance Look-and-Feel 3.3. This release adds support for resolution independent themes for high-DPI displays. (Think 120, 144, 200 dots-per-inch or higher.) This is a very good idea, that designers need to pay a lot more attention to going forward. I've been using a 110 dpi monitor since 1999, some laptops are already at 120 dpi, and medical displays are now crossing 200 dpi. A simple linear conversion from inches to pixels is no longer an acceptable compromise. (Across platforms, it never really was because Macs used 72 dpi and Windows 96 dpi.)

On the down side, this release adds four tasteless new themes: Business Blue Steel, Business Black Steel, Raven Graphite and Raven Graphite Glass. One more time: multiple, inconsistent look-and-feels are a bug, not a feature.

Java 5 or later is required. Substance is published under a BSD license.

Tonight, Tuesday, April 17, is the seventh iteration of Extreme Tuesday New York. This will be held at D.B.A., 41 1st Ave, between 2nd and 3rd streets, starting at 6:30. I have another meeting at that time so I'll probably miss this one.