Java News from Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Google tells me that they still have space available for tomorrow night's (Thursday's) talk by Luiz Barroso, Google Distinguished Engineer, on "Watts, Faults, and Other Fascinating Dirty Words Computer Architects Can No Longer Afford to Ignore" in Manhattan's Chelsea. "Due to the overwhelming response from our last talk, we've decided to get creative with our space and resources, and will broadcast the presentation up from our Tech Talk space to our new Hemisphere's Cafe, which looks out over the city. Guests who arrive early will be directed to our Tech Talk space, and once we've reached capacity downstairs, we will begin sending guests upstairs to the Cafe. We will serve beer, wine, and hors d'oeuvres in both locations. At the conclusion of the talk, Luiz will join all of our guests in the Cafe's for continued Q&A and mingling." Preregistration is required..

On a related note, to the best of my knowledge, I am not talking tomorrow night to the NYC Java Study Group, whatever their Wiki says. We're trying to arrange something for a future date, but for the moment I've had to pull back on my own engagements so I can finish my next book. With any luck at all, that should be done soon, and I'll be able to take on some more work.

iSEC Partners has released the CyberVillainsCA, a free Java library for on-the-fly generation, duplication and substitution of X.509 certificates. CyberVillainsCA is published under the GPL.