Java News from Thursday, December 13, 2007

Atlassian has released FishEye 1.4, a $999 payware tool for viewing source code check-ins into CVS, Subversion, perforce, and so forth. Fisheye lets you see who's committing what when to the repository, what individual committers have been up to, what's going on in different branches, what's happened to particular files, and so forth. It automatically wraps up tarballs and zip files of the current code base. It's an invaluable tool for managers who want to track what their developers are up to. A programmer-manager can use to really follow the progress of a project, but even a non-technical manager can use it to get a a first order approximation of who's working hard and who's playing Internet scrabble all day. Version 1.4 improves Crucible integration and supports single sign-on across several Atlassian apps.